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    Hi! I'm Brennan, and welcome to my little blog. I'm fascinated by politics, international affairs, social media, language, technology, community and octopi. If you want to contact me, feel free to send an email to: brennanm21@gmail.com Oh, and I spend quite a bit of time on the Moon: http://www.southpoleofthemoon.com/ See you around!
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Auto Complete Adventures

  As you may or may not know, Google, along with many other search engines, has a feature known as Auto Complete. Auto complete suggests searches that are similar to yours. Based on what millions of other users have searched, Google can hazard a guess as to what you are searching for. In the past … Continue reading

The Internet: Part III

This is the final piece in a series focusing on the internet, submitted by Asher Lovy.   While the internet can be a positive outlet for those in need of one, one must always be aware of the possible downsides of being an internet person. Whether we like it or not we must function in … Continue reading

The Internet: Part II

This piece is the second piece submitted by guest blogger Asher Lovy. It is part of a four part series about the internet. Why the Internet? As described in part I there is a curious phenomenon that occurs in cyberspace: The Internet Person. But why the internet? What is it about the internet that would draw a … Continue reading

Capitalist Pig

Today we have a poem by Dylan Summer. You can find more of Dylan’s poetry here. That’s what I am, You can’t argue it. A Capitalist Pig?.. Yes that’s what I am madame, She wants to debate over for a little bit. So I agreed, grabbed a cup of coffee. I told her all about … Continue reading

A Late Top Five

Sorry these are so late, but I’ve been incredibly busy lately. I don’t think the whole Top Ten T Day thing is going to work out.  I don’t really like the whole idea of a set schedule. I still may put out some lists, however they may or may not be on Tuesday.  Anyways, here’s … Continue reading

The Internet: Part I

This is the first piece of a four part series submitted by guest blogger Asher Lovy. A Day in the Life of an Internet Person Let’s face it, what else is there to do first thing in the morning other than checking your tweets? After all, perhaps something monumental happened while you slept. Next it’s … Continue reading

Top Ten Websites

  I love lists. Need to organize something? Make a list. Need to group together a cluster of things? Make a list. Need to remember something? Make a list. Lists are such a help when it comes to general organization. Also, they represent a unique look into the mind of the list-maker. So, to share … Continue reading

Welcome to Walrus Noise

  Welcome to Walrus Noise! Inspired by magazines such as The New Yorker, Walrus Noise strives to be a premium source of high-quality essays, artwork, articles and short fiction. We currently have several pieces in the works which will be published in the coming weeks. We are also looking for writers and illustrators to submit content … Continue reading