Top Ten Websites


I love lists. Need to organize something? Make a list. Need to group together a cluster of things? Make a list. Need to remember something? Make a list. Lists are such a help when it comes to general organization. Also, they represent a unique look into the mind of the list-maker. So, to share my love with the world, I’ve created Top Ten T-Days! Every Tuesday, I will give you a new top ten list, chosen by me.  The rankings for tenth place through sixth place will be revealed on Tuesday, and the top five will be revealed the following Thursday. This whole idea may or may not work out, though I’m hoping that I can do it for at  least a year. Hopefully, by the end of the year (or however long this little train decides to keep chugging) I’ll have a completely awesome collection of top ten lists, curated by me!

This week’s topic: Websites

10. Lockerz

A daily habit of mine, Lockerz aims to be the home page for Generation Z. Lockerz is a members-only website, and hosts some of the coolest content on the web. The video player, called PLAY, features everything from music videos to original mini-series. Every day, you can answer questions in DAILIES that help the site improve to suit your tastes. SHOP hosts some of the coolest brands out there. Oh, and did I mention that you’re rewarded for doing all of this? Lockerz gives out points (known as PTZ) for answering dailies, watching videos in PLAY and purchasing in SHOP. These points can be redeemed in 24/7 live auctions or can get you discounts of up to 100% on items in SHOP.

9. StumbleUpon

StumbleUpon is like a personal internet gallery. By telling the site what tickles your fancy, they can put together a never-ending selection of websites for you to browse. Don’t like what you’re seeing? Just click on through to the next site.

8. WordPress

I know, I’m biased. I can already hear the shouting. However, I honestly think WordPress is one of the best (if not the best) blogging platforms around. I’ve tried other platforms (Blogger, Tumblr) and WordPress comes out on top for a few reasons. The themes are professional, the content is of a very high quality and the self-hosting options are great if you want to make it big someday. The platform itself is very easy to learn but also has tonnes of formatting options to make your posts look great. Moral of the story: WordPress, I love you.

7. Rocketboom

An awesome source for news, entertainment, tech announcements and the like, Rocketboom is an indie news program. They have an interesting point of view on the world, and can make a whole jumble of news stories seem coherent and interesting. Rocketboom, my hat is off to you.

6. Vimeo

When you think of web videos, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? Perhaps a dancing cat (or kitteh, if you will) or maybe a cute panda bear. However, there is more to online video than what meets the eye, and Vimeo is a showcase of the best of what the internet has to offer. You won’t find low quality content on Vimeo. No spammers in sight either. The community that has grown is one of talented and encouraging filmmakers that love what they do and want to share it with the world. YouTube is great, but if your eyes are craving something a little bit more artistic, Vimeo is the place to be.

The top five will be revealed on Thursday. See you then!

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  1. x-tra says:

    Hi, looking forward to see your top 5.

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