The Internet: Part III

This is the final piece in a series focusing on the internet, submitted by Asher Lovy.   While the internet can be a positive outlet for those in need of one, one must always be aware of the possible downsides of being an internet person. Whether we like it or not we must function in … Continue reading

The Internet: Part II

This piece is the second piece submitted by guest blogger Asher Lovy. It is part of a four part series about the internet. Why the Internet? As described in part I there is a curious phenomenon that occurs in cyberspace: The Internet Person. But why the internet? What is it about the internet that would draw a … Continue reading

The Internet: Part I

This is the first piece of a four part series submitted by guest blogger Asher Lovy. A Day in the Life of an Internet Person Let’s face it, what else is there to do first thing in the morning other than checking your tweets? After all, perhaps something monumental happened while you slept. Next it’s … Continue reading